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Lasagna Recipe

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The Best Lasagne

This lasagne alla bolognese comes from my very favourite world chef Gordon Ramsay. Let me tell you, it is The Best ...
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Being a very popular and diverse type of food, mostly every household has its own lasagna recipe. The word lasagna dates back to ancient Greece.  It is said this food, in its modern form, originates from the city of Naples, Italy. Way back in the Middle Ages they wrote down the recipe for lasagna in this picturesque town. The recipe was added to the Liber de Coquina, a 14th century book filled with popular recipes of that time. Lasagna became since that time a traditional and celebrated meal in Italy. Over the centuries, many alterations have been made to the original recipe. Reasons enough for you to get creative and start cooking.

Original lasagna recipe

There are those who want to discover the original recipe and those who’d rather stick to a more modern version. For over 600 years lasagna has been made and the original has many derivations. The dough has to be flattened, boiled and then cut. From there you put the cheese and spices on top, and you build yourself a nice lasagna tower. Quite different from the lasagna you grew to love, isn’t it?
lasagna recipe

Widely used lasagna recipes

Most people prefer the modern recipes for lasagna, filled with fresh vegetables, tender meat and a tasty sauce. The lovely thing about lasagna is its dough base. This dough base gives you the liberty to freely experiment with flavours, most of them will taste amazing. The Italian sauce called ragù is a recommendation. This is a meat based sauce, filled with vegetables and tomatoes. This sauce works very well with all pastas, also as a lasagna filling. I think it’s about time for you to try one of the many great lasagna recipes.
To give you a head start you can check out my Best Recipe for Lasagna
PS. I prefer to use ‘lasagne’ because it is a dish made with multiple sheets of lasagna. The word ‘lasagna’ is more in use in the Northern part of America for referring to the dish.

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