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Baby Desserts

Baby Desserts! Which baby doesn’t like them? I haven’t met one yet.
From the very beginning, start with the whole picture of dining. Meaning, contrasts are very important for babies. Pick contrast colors between the food, silver wear and plates. Just have fun with it and always keep in mind, dining is a culture. Exploring, understanding and learning towards positivism. Focusing on beauty, beautiful and eye-appealing food.
Desserts are an individual category, which brings me back to simplicity.
When my baby turned one, everyone was perhaps laughing at me, why I served her such a poor bowl of fruits.
When my baby turned two, I was trying to be more creative and impress her with her birthday cake. She couldn’t care less, all the fruits were more important, once again.

Sweets, sweets and again sweets

Therefore, learn from your mistakes and don’t try to impress yourselves or others. Babies are simple and they cannot care less about the whole fuss of the parties: noise, too many people, way too many presents and impressive birthday cakes. The only thing they like is to follow their routine, have a little joy, beautiful simple food and, of course, a good nap.
Boundaries are crucial already from very little age. Desserts are addictive and babies will start loving them very quickly. I was in that baby category. And let me be honest, dental problems have followed very quickly, too.
Desserts count for all the goodies we serve in holidays and special occasions. However, do not forget the fruits count for sweets as well. My list will present the following: cakes, sweet breads, cookies, slices, creams, tarts, shakes, etc.
Thanks God, my baby doesn’t like sweets so much just yet. However, it is still a baby, so I need to prepare for the change properly. For now, I present you all the lovely ones, which my kitchen produces.
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