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and me – shopping, eating and loving it

My name is Kristina. I am 36 years-old, staying home mom. I have visited, traveled and lived in several different countries in Europe and USA. After 9 exciting years, I have decided to come back to my roots and settle down in my hometown Bratislava, The Slovak Republic.

I have been influenced by Balkan and Mediterranean cuisines tremendously. I love to dig in my old family recipes that are basically the mixture of Slovak, Czech, Austrian and Hungarian cuisines. Moreover, half of my family is Dutch, which opens a whole new world of many local sub-cuisines to explore. Isn’t a life too short?


I have never imagined that I would gain such a big passion for food. I always thought about my life more dedicated to the politics or diplomacy. I have tried little bit of everything, but you know how the life goes – Man proposes, God disposes. Politics or diplomacy has not satisfied me enough. Then, my life has changed a lot, as it usually happens with having a child. Even though, my priorities and responsibilities have changed, my passions didn’t. I still love to travel, eat, drink and sleep.

Shop, eat and love

The most important is the balance and beauty. Sounds like a cliché, I know, but it works for me. Balancing my life in everything I do, surrounded by beauty. Physical beauty and psychical beauty of small everyday pleasures. I do Pilates because I have to. However, rather than that it helps me. It is a great way how to let out your stress and feel good about yourself and your relations towards others.

kristina culinary talks

The same applies to my passion for food. Cooking makes me feel useful and relaxes me. That is why, I am trying to challenge myself in it and impress my beloved. Starting from a very little age like my daughter, continuing through all generations. Learning from mistakes, listening to more experienced ones. I like to have fun in shopping the food, exploring the techniques, studying them and, of course, enjoy eating the food by chilling with my beloved.

I love to collect recipes, watch my favorite world chefs and cook accordingly. I teach my daughter to enjoy the beauty of food, good products, the entire process of it from shopping to eating. I get inspired and I like to inspire the others. Therefore, I decided to share my hobby with anyone who feels the same.

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