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Happy Porridge Cake

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Who doesn’t like the porridge? Well, I have known a couple of people, but let’s focus on the rest of us today! When I’ve seen this recipe, I knew that I got to try it right away for the Children’s day. It is playful, fulfilling and so yummy – Happy porridge cake. People usually like the classics, which is in my region a porridge with our local instant cocoa powder or cinnamon sugar & melted butter. Some prefer a porridge to be warm, I like it cold with a crust on the next day. Today I go for a little twist & surprise inside. Happy Porridge Cake is suitable for kids above 2 years old, just because of its sweetness and possible milk intolerance. Alternatively, you can serve it to infants above 1 year, replacing the milk with formula and less allergic fruits. Total Time: 1 hour preparation + 2 hours refrigerate



In a medium mixing bowl place pieces of chocolate or any kind of spread of your liking.

The porridge

In a medium deep pan casserole heat up the milk with vanilla sugar and a pinch of sea salt. When the milk becomes warm (not hot boiling), stir in the porridge. Bring it to boil and take off the heat when it is bubbling.

Next, stir in the butter and mix until smooth. Mold it immediately onto your chocolate spread. Let it sit for about 1 minute and mix it until smooth texture.

Afterwards, gently press it into the bottom of your springform (I used 20cm round). Pipe the chocolate paste over the top and smoothen with a palette knife.

The Strawberry Filling

Place all the strawberries into a hand blender and mix to a purée texture. Mold it into a measuring cup and fill up with water up to 800 ml.

Then, transfer into a deep pan casserole and bring the heat to medium. Add sugar, lemon and bring it to boil.

Next, stir in the porridge and cook it for about 4 minutes until it thickens. Take off the heat. Let it cool down for a bit and mold it as the 3rd layer onto cake.

Once it is cooled down, refrigerate until next day.



I used everything my kiddos like, no limit to your imagination though. I decorated with kinder hippos, kinder eggs, cinnamon cookies, ruby chocolate salted sticks, white chocolate kit kat, cinnamon sugar & fresh strawberries. Simply heavenly! Enjoy.


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