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  • Celebration Cake
  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Luxurious happy pork dinner
  • chocolate mini fritters
  • rabbit ragu spaghetti
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Luxurious happy pork dinner

Luxurious happy pork dinner

Many people say they have saved a lot of money due to the Corona crisis. They don’t go where they used to go, they don’t travel, they don’t shop as ...
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banana bread

Festive Banana Loaf

To tell you the truth, this festive banana loaf is loaded with holidays. Therefore, it consists of many ingredients that symbolise winter, cosy time and family. However, it is very ...
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pumpkin square

Easy Pumpkin Square

As I am not given so much time to bake something complicated, I make my dears happy with the fast and tasty recipes. One of them is definitely the Fall ...
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easy chetnas coleslaw

Easy Chetna’s Coleslaw

So fast and so delicious. Thanks Chetna Makan for another amazing recipe - Easy Chetna’s Coleslaw. Serve with any kind of barbecue, in a sandwich or just like that with ...
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onion dip

Scrumptious Onion Dip

I randomly found this beauty on one of my favourite culinary websites and I needed to try it asap. Since then I’ve made it a couple of times, and let ...
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healthy risotto

Yellow Healthy Risotto

This came as a complete freestyle on a random week day. My daughter loves the yellow colour. Therefore, I told myself: why not to combine what she likes. Plus it ...
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Russian Fruit and Quark Pancakes

Russian Fruit and Quark Pancakes

The minute I saw this video from Alissa Timoshkina I had to treat myself to such a scrumptious breakfast. In Russian called блины (Blini), the sweet and stuffed version of ...
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easy all season chicken

Easy All Season Chicken

Everyday recipe, let me tell you! Yummy as for kids as for adults. It is always more tender and tastier to marinate the meat up front. However, if you don’t ...
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Strawberry baby specials

Strawberry Baby Specials

Happy Children’s Day everyone. When I was a kid, my mom used to take us to the Pizza Hut or the McDonald’s. I am pretty sure my daughter would appreciate ...
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Pinky Beetroot Spread

While I am writing this post, I am enjoying this funky treat myself. My new Pinky Beetroot Spread is full of wonderful vitamins, energy and has an incredible taste. As ...
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