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My Bûche de Noël

Bûche de Noël
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I couldn’t think of better occasion for my dad’s bday. As I previously mentioned he’s my top chocolate critic, and his birthday is on the 1st of January, which is enough of a festive day itself. I saw many techniques and kinds of this scrumptious log, but I decided the following: cocoa fluffy sponge and humble homemade egg yolk chocolate cream. So delicious let me tell you. I decorated it with some chocolate shavings, cocoa powder and my dad’s favourite chocolate tubes and brandy cherry bonbons. No limits to imagination – My Bûche de Noël.

There isn’t anything tricky by making a roll, in this very cake it is all coated in icing. Therefore, if the roll breaks, it doesn’t matter and you can cover it up to a perfection. The only time consuming thing is resting a cream, resting a roll and decorating, which is also a bit of food art. However, even though you leave it plain, it will look spectacular and tastes even better. Bon appetit!

My Bûche de Noël is suitable for kids from the age of 3, because of a possible egg white intolerance. Rolls make perfect desserts for kids and the chocolate, oh my. So yummy!

Total Time: 40 minutes + 2 days chill in the fridge


The Chocolate Cream Filling

Cocoa Sponge


Cocoa powder, chocolate bonbons, rolled cookie wafer tubes and other figures (marzipan mushrooms) or pine branches to decorate


Day 1

First, in a large mixing bowl whisk the egg yolks with sugar until fluffy and foamy.

Then, stir in the flour just to combine.

Start pouring the warm milk very slowly, so you don’t overcook it. Whisk constantly.

Transfer the mixture into a medium pan and warm it up for about 2-3 minutes until it thickens. Take off the heat and let it cool down for a bit by whisking it with a balloon whisk.

Stir in 60g of chocolate cubes and a knob of butter. Let it cool down entirely and refrigerate until the next day.

Day 2

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

In a large mixing bowl place 4 egg yolks and icing sugar. Whisk until whitened and foamy. Then, add 2 tablespoons of warm water and give a whisk.

Stir in the cocoa powder and give a good last whisk.

In a separate medium metal bowl whisk the egg yolks into the soft peaks and then, gradually add 60g of icing sugar. Continue until smooth.

Now start adding in parts: flour and egg yolks, 3 in total. Mix with spatula. Mold and turn over, do not overmix it, so the fluffiness remains. Done.

Mold onto a greased sheet of baking paper in a large baking tray. My tip is to place the sheet on your working board and smoothen with a palette knife. Then, transfer it into the baking tray.

Bake for about 10-15 minutes until baked through. Take it out and roll in a clean cloth, so you won’t lose the shape of a roll. I rolled it up from a shorter side of the roll, so you get a thicker roll and nicer cut, later on. Let it cool down entirely.

The Chocolate Cream Filling

Meanwhile, finish The Chocolate Cream Filling. First, ease butter in a large mixing bowl.

Take The Chocolate Cream in and whisk for a bit. Then, start adding in parts into the softened butter. Always add a bit of Chocolate Cream and incorporate until smooth. Continue until all is mixed up well.

Next, layer The Cream onto Sponge approximately 0.5 cm thick. Apply as equally as possible, the thinnest layer on the edges. Roll it up into a roll and fix the endings with some clips. Refrigerate until the next day.

Day 3

Melt the dark chocolate into a steam bath and let it cool down in a cold bath.

Then, take the rest of The Cream and whisk it until smooth with melted chocolate.


Take out the roll out of the fridge and make 2 cuts right on an angle at the beginning and the end of the roll, preferably in the same angle as per pictures below.

Now, place the log onto a serving plate and cover all the space around it with some baking paper. This way you won’t make it too messy by decorationg. Apply the rest of The Cream roughly all over the cake. Make a pattern with a fork and decorate.


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