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The Fasching/Carnival, the period from the Three Kings (January the 6th) until the Ash Wednesday, resembles a feast. The Season filled with food blast, fancy balls, Carnival and other amusing events. This obsessive celebration has taken the place right after The Christmas Season until the start of the Lent, when the fasting takes over.

Ready for Carnival?

Enjoy the treats before Fasting!

Carnival around the world


As many countries there are in the world, as many traditions exist. ‘Mardi Gras’, which is celebrated in the United States, resembles a good food.

In countries I come from, notably in the Czech Republic The Mardi Gras takes literally the period from January till March. The pigs are being slaughtered and processed for several goodies: lard, meat, sausages, stock, spreads, anything you can imagine.

easy pork snack
Crispy Seafood Snack

In Austria, Italy or Rio de Janeiro, there are many balls, parades and other festive events. Accordingly to the temperament of each nation, you can find the one to your liking. Comfort food, merry-go-rounds, folk events typical for smaller towns or glamorous parties filled with a modern cuisine. You name it.

The importance lies in the period, which will follow. Drinking, eating and celebrating of the seasonal change will be replaced by more meaningful spirituality and Lenten discipline.

Celebration Cake


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Treat yourselves and find pleasure in this period of the year. Eat and Love, Kristina – Culinary Talks

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