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Easter is the time of the year, where many people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Of course, the days before are the remembrance of the cruelty that life stands for. The deception and untruth followed by the crucifixion of the innocent among the guilty ones.


My very favourite Orthodox Cake

New Life

Besides this, Jesus Christ forgives, but it shall not be forgotten. With his resurrection new life and faith has been brought back into the world. Hence the Easter Celebration. These days also go hand in hand with The Spring. Spring symbolizes the new beginning too. For the most of us it is the start of a new year as life outside comes back after the cold days of winter.


Easter Celebrations bring the end of Lent, 40-day long fasting. Easter Holidays represent honesty and truth, the features I admire so much. Let’s celebrate it together and have some joy in our hearts. No matter if you are Atheist or Orthodox, Catholic or Buddhist, the occasion of truth and honesty should always take a part in our lives.
I wish you all a truly joyful season and honesty in your families, hearts and on the plate, of course. Get inspired and enjoy with me!
Love and pray,
Kristina – Culinary Talks

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Luxurious happy pork dinner

Luxurious happy pork dinner

Many people say they have saved a lot of money due to the Corona crisis. They don’t go where they …
Individual Cheesecake Cupcakes

Individual Cheesecake Cupcakes

This dessert will always resemble a great memory as I made it for my family to reveal the gender of …
vanilla tartelettes

Black & White Tartelettes

Following up my little “tartelette” project, I give you 2 of my Easter flavours: vanilla with strawberry and chocolate with …
Tomato Veggie Sauce with a Tender Smoked Beef Roast

Scrumptious Tomato Veggie Sauce with a Tender Smoked Beef Roast

This recipe is really one of the comfort food meals that noone can deny, perhaps the vegetarians. However, the veggie …
cross buns

Very Chocolate Hot Cross Buns with Cranberries

Do you fancy chocolate bread? I am talking about a good quality bitter dark chocolate bread. If so, this is …
Beautiful Carrot Roll

Beautiful Carrot Roll

Do you love carrot cakes as much as I do? I usually know them as juicy and cake like texture …
Spiced Up Duck Roast with Oranges

Spiced Up Duck Roast with Oranges

A beautiful piece of scrumptious meat, veggies, fresh herbs and spices, oranges and wine. Let’s get the party started – …
Slow-cooked Gingerbread Rabbit

Slow-cooked Gingerbread Rabbit

Rabbit and gingerbread is the combination I have ever wanted to try. I’ve known it as a traditional recipe cooked …
Happy Kinder Cupcakes

Happy Kinder Cupcakes

I know it very well, Kinder Chocolate isn’t the healthiest chocolate with that good quality content. However, we live once …
Amazing Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Amazing Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Incredible combination of flavour – Amazing Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. If you are not a sweet lover, skip this scrumptious recipe …
Chimney Cake

Traditional Chimney Cake

I come from Slovakia and no matter how many countries produce this beautiful sweet treat, Traditional Chimney Cake originates in …
Romantic Duck Breasts with Colourful Potato

Romantic Duck Breasts with Colourful Potatoes

Duck breasts represent the Rolls Royce of the meat, at least for me. Nutrition wise, lean duck breasts are extremely …
Scrumptious Vanilla Layered Cake

Scrumptious Vanilla Layered Cake

Happy Birthday to my little one. As I previously mentioned my baby isn’t into sweets, especially not cakes. Weird I …
Turkey Roll with Celeriac Mash

Turkey Roll with Celeriac Mash

Valentine’s Dinner 2017. My intention was to balance the taste and include something from both our preferences. Me going for …

Amazing Rucola Stuffing

Another scrumptious long tradition recipe from my favourite Czech author Halina Pawlowska. Stuffing is a gorgeous comfort food as it …
Czech sweet

Czech Sweet Festive Classic

Valašské frgále – Czech sweet festive classic, incredibly delicious and crazy satisfying! These beautiful yeast cakes are originated, accordingly to …
sacher torte

Delicious Sacher Torte

Following up specials in the country I currently live in, I give you the classics of all – Delicious Sacher …
Easter Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns 2 ways

I present Hot Cross Buns – a world known classic, ideal for a cup of tea or coffee. Hot Cross …
Splash Easter Cake

Splash Easter Cake

This is a master of all the cakes – Splash Easter Cake. There wouldn’t be my Easter without it.Splash Easter …
Lapin à la moutarde

Lapin à la moutarde

Lapin à la moutarde (Mustard Rabbit) is one of my most favourite dishes to make. It is so easy and …
Cinnamon Babka

Cinnamon Babka

There are so many similar brioche kind of cakes I know in the region, especially in Eastern and Central Europe …
carrot cupcakes

Beautiful Carrot Cupcakes

Who likes carrot? So healthy and full of Vitamin A. It gives a beautiful color to our skin and sharpens …
Bulgarian Cheese Classic

Bulgarian Cheese Classic

Today is the day when I give you my personal Banitsa recipe. Bulgarian Cheese Classic, eaten in any occasions. Regularly …
russian salad

Special Russian Salad

The world classic, known among so many countries. I present you my version – Special Russian Salad. The base is …
Duck feast

Duck Feast

Oh Yeah! I have been working on this chapter already a long time. It is quite a dispute to decide …
glazed smoked ham

Glazed Smoked Ham with Pumpkin Fritters

A stunning glaze for any kind of holiday special, accompanied by potato-pumpkin fritters and blue cheese dressing. This is a …
Coffee Éclairs

Famous Coffee Éclairs

The Choux Pastry for the second time after My Profiteroles Recipe. This time I used water instead of milk, which …
apricot cupcakes

Peach and Apricot Cupcakes

Today in the Easter mood, I present: Peach and Apricot Cupcakes. These cupcakes seem to be relatively healthy and fun …
hazelnut cupcakes

Delicious Hazelnut Cupcakes

Let me tell you, the taste of the raw dough is already a winner – Delicious Hazelnut Cupcakes. There is …
Fresh Lamb Cutlets

Fresh Lamb Cutlets

Juicy, healthy and outstanding – Fresh Lamb Cutlets. Lamb of God, a symbol in Christianity that resembles Jesus. Traditionally, served …
My very favourite Orthodox Cake

My very favourite Orthodox Cake

I ate so many of them and I am always looking forward to make one, especially during Easter Holidays – …
Easy Chicken Casserole

Easy Chicken Casserole

Incredibly easy week dinner! Marinate the wings, drumsticks or breasts up front and you always have the success guaranteed – …
Celebration Cake

Celebration Cake

This cake has been inspired by a famous Hungarian dessert called Somlói galuska. Traditionally, it consists of a sponge cake, …
Coffee Cake with Cardamom and Walnuts

Coffee Cake with Cardamom and Walnuts

A beautiful mix of flavour: coffee, cardamom and walnuts can really impress anyone. Enjoy and bake with me! I got …
zander fish stew

Hungarian Stew with Zander Fish/Paprikás

I was born in Bratislava, which has a large Hungarian minority (as whole Slovakia does). Therefore, the Slovak cuisine exists …
bulgarian casserole

Bulgarian Pork Casserole

Another Bulgarian meat mix with a very smooth and luxurious creamy taste – Bulgarian Pork Casserole. A great combination of …
duck breast

Duck Breast 2 kinds

Feast of St. Martin is celebrated traditionally on the 11th of November when the autumn has been completed. St. Martin …
beef bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon

Where else to start my cooking journey if not in the French cuisine, specifically in the Burgundy region. Beef Bourguignon …