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Real Football Treats

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Do not hesitate to visit my page Snack – get inspired for anything you are in mood for. If is not enough, I present you 2 of my new additions – Real Football Treats. Balkan Meatball Pops and Juicy Croquettes with Cheese – such a yummy comfort food for any interesting match with a glass of cold beer. Cheers!

Balkan Meatball Pops

I have spent a part of my life in Bulgaria. Therefore, the Balkan cuisine has been successfully implemented into my kitchen. Balkan Beef Meatball Pops served with delicious homemade ljutenica. Healthy, fresh, easy and full of flavour. Get inspired! Total Time: 2 hours

Shopping List

Meatballs as listed in my recipe Super Bolognese: 250g of good quality ground beef (veal optional) 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce, ½ teaspoon of ground chilli, 1 teaspoon of Provencal Herbs ⅓ cup of breadcrumbs Sea salt and ground black pepper 1 knob of butter Homemade Ljutenica: 3 large sweet paprikas (I used yellow, red and orange one), washed 200g of pressed tomatoes (fresh or from a jar) 2 tablespoons of olive oil 1 teaspoon of sweet paprika powder 1 handful of fresh parsley, hardly chopped Sea salt


First, prepare Homemade Ljutenica, so it has time to rest. Cover paprikas with aluminium foil, place them onto a baking tray and bake in the oven for about 40 minutes on 180 degrees. Take them out, open the foil and cover the tray with a cling foil for about 15 minutes. This way they will sweat out and you will peel them easily. Next, peel the skin off and remove the seeds. Chop the pulp and place into a blender. Pour in the tomatoes and season with sea salt, paprika powder, olive oil and parsley. Blend into a desirable texture (I like it rather smoother). Taste and season accordingly. Mold the mix into a medium glass jar and let it chill in the fridge. Meanwhile, prepare the meatballs. In a medium bowl place mince meat, Worcestershire Sauce, chilli, Provencal Herbs, sea salt, pepper and breadcrumbs. Mix with hands until smooth and start creating meatballs. Heat up a knob of butter in a frying pan or wok on high. Meatballs in. Sear them all over until nicely golden brown. It takes around 5 minutes. Let them cool down for a bit and put them on wooden skewers. Voilà – Meatball Pops. Finish them in the oven (or grill) for about 20 minutes on 160 degrees. Serve them warm with homemade ljutenica, Feta Cheese, fresh cucumbers and bread. Добър апетит! Makes 1 medium glass jar of homemade ljutenica and 15 meatball pops.

Juicy Croquettes with Cheese

Croquettes are so perfect, especially for those who love fried snacks. Juicy Croquettes with Cheese are the best symbiosis between the heat and sweetness. You should really find a time to try this one! Total Time: 1 hour

Shopping List

Croquettes: 250g of good quality ground veal (I used beef this time) 1 knob of butter 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour ½ cup of milk Splash of strong beef stock Pinch of sweet paprika powder, chili flakes, sea salt and ground black pepper 1 teaspoon of curry powder 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1 handful of fresh parsley, finely chopped 7 small strips of good matured cheese like Old Amsterdam or Cheddar The Coat: 2 whole eggs, lightly whisked with splash of water 2 cups of plain flour 2 cups of breadcrumbs 1 cup of olive oil Serve with Dijon Mustard Mayonnaise and homemade pickles


Place the mince into a deep frying pan on high. Break it, stir it for about 5 minutes until it gets brown evenly. Take it out onto a small plate. Lower the heat on medium and add knob of butter. Sprinkle with flour and stir constantly until you get a beautiful paste (takes around 10 seconds). Pour in the milk (few at a time) and broth and mix to avoid any lumps. Add the mince back in and season with sweet paprika, chili flakes, salt, pepper, curry powder and Worcestershire Sauce. Finish with fresh parsley and give it a good stir. The consistency should be nicely juicy, but not too liquid. This way you can create croquettes easily from the mixture. Take off the heat and let it cool down for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the table for coating. 3 deep plates: the first one filled with flour, the second one lightly whisked eggs with little bit of water, and the third one with breadcrumbs. Create 7 large croquettes with hands. In the middle of each place a strip of cheese. Start double coating with each croquette: flour, egg mix, breadcrumbs, and once again flour, egg mix, breadcrumbs. Done. Heat up the oil in a deep frying pan on high. Carefully place all croquettes in and fry them nicely from all the sides, takes about 15-20 minutes. Let them cool down on a paper towel to absorb the extra fat. Serve warm with Dijon Mustard Mayonnaise (2 teaspoons of Dijon Mustard mixed with 3 tablespoons of good quality mayonnaise) and pickles. Makes 7 large croquettes.


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