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Sweet Chocolate Waffles

Chocolate Waffles
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Waffles, waffles and more waffles. Who wouldn’t love them? I have to admit that a waffle maker is a very addictive tool. However, if you implement a couple of good recipes and treat yourself occasionally, for instance during the weekends as I do, it is even healthy. Sweet Chocolate Waffles do not need any luxurious toppings as the taste speaks for itself.

These chocolate waffles are just enough sweet with a little twist of a cocoa taste. Therefore, good quality cocoa powder is must. Especially when you serve it to the kids. Think also wisely about the toppings. For this very appetizing recipe I enjoy yogurts, can be even flavoured ones. Furthermore, you can use homemade puddings, marmalades, fresh fruits or ground nuts. No limits to the imagination.

Note that Sweet Chocolate Waffles are suitable for babies 2 plus, because of the possible egg white intolerance. For kids, it is always better to serve waffles in the afternoons as it may be too heavy in the mornings. The contrast of a dark color offers them something very special, trust me on that.

Total Time: 40 minutes

Shopping List

125g of butter, soft in cubes
80g of caster superfine sugar
4 whole eggs, separated
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
100g of plain flour, sifted
100g of ground almonds, sifted
4 tablespoons of cocoa powder, sifted
250ml of lukewarm milk
A pinch of sea salt

Olive oil for brushing


In a large mixing bowl place butter and sugar. Whisk for about 3 minutes on high-speed until incorporated well.

Next, start adding egg yolks, one at a time. Incorporate on low-speed and increase the speed to the highest. Continue until all is a beautiful smooth texture.

Add vanilla extract and stir.

In a small mixing bowl place flour, almonds and cocoa powder. Mix with spatula.

Add the dry mixture into the egg mixture, together with milk. Divide it into the 3 rounds. Flour, milk and mix. Flour, milk and mix. Flour, milk and mix. Set aside.

Whisk egg yolks with a pinch of sea salt until you get firm snow peaks. Stir them into the batter by using a spatula. Mold and turn over, so you don’t lose the fluffiness.

Chocolate Waffles

Heat up your waffle maker and brush it lightly with some olive oil.
Bake the waffles as per the instructions. Don’t mind the sounds, it needs to work within.

Meanwhile, prepare your toppings. You can do a whipped cream, yogurt, vanilla pudding, plum marmalade grounded hazelnuts or walnuts. My tip is peanut butter and bananas, strawberries or pears. Just choose whatever you like and enjoy them!

Makes 12 medium waffles.

Chocolate Waffles


Chocolate Waffles


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