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Oreo Ferdy Ant Cake

Oreo Ferdy Ant Cake
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Aren’t you fed up of new chocolate cake recipes? NO. And why anyway? Today I will present you the Ferdy Ant Cake. In my family, It is almost impossible to avoid chocolate. My dad, as the top chocolate critic, and my daughter as his big fan and follower. Her holiday has always had a theme of one of her favourable cartoons, of course. This time it had to be Ferdy the Ant. Try to find his figure, it is almost impossible, but lovely Prague never disappoints. After all, Ferdy the Ant comes from there. My baby loves chocolate, cookies and the most of all chocolate cookies. Therefore, I’ve got inspired by a decadent Chetna Makan’s Oreo Cake. Perfection, let me tell you.

“Mommy, I want the Ferdy Ant Cake”

What’s the taste of The Oreos? Rather than sponge, it is more like a biscuit, really thick and flavoursome chocolate cake filled with more Oreo cream cheese filling. You can use twice as the amount of The Filling. However, I went for a thin layer of The Filling, similar to the Oreo cookie, plus I topped it up with some more sweetness. Amazing flavour!

I finished the Ferdy Ant cake with a topping of milk and white chocolate. In my very case, I offered the impression of the Ferdy Ant scarf: red topping with melted dark chocolate dots on it. I was afraid to make it too sweet, but it is not at all. Go for it, or just double the amount of cream filling and top it up with some more Oreo’s and dark chocolate as per my inspiration from Chetna Makan.

Oreo Ferdy Ant Cake is suitable for kids from the age of 3, because of the sweetness and use of raw milk products.

Total Time: 2 hours + an overnight chill of the cake

Shopping List

Cocoa biscuit:
50g of dark chocolate, melted
200g of butter, soft in cubes
200g of caster superfine sugar
150g of plain flour, sifted
50g of cocoa powder, sifted
1 teaspoon of baking powder without phosphate, sifted
4 whole eggs, whisk all for 3-4 minutes
100ml of hot boiling waterCream Cheese Oreo Filling:
50g of butter, soft whisk for a couple of minutes
150g of cream cheese
400g of icing sugar, sifted in 2 parts
4 oreo biscuits, crushed roughly

The Red Topping:
100g of white and milk chocolate
100ml of double cream
½ teaspoon of Wilton Red Icing Gel

Final Decoration:
2-3 Oreo cookies, crushed
Red fondant
20g of melted dark chocolate
Sugar silver pearls


The Oreo biscuit

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

First, melt 50g of good quality dark chocolate in a steam bath. Mix until shiny and to a smooth texture. Then, transfer into a cold bath to cool it down for a bit.

Meanwhile, in a large mixing bowl place all the ingredients together: butter, caster sugar, plain flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, eggs and melted chocolate. Whisk on high speed for a couple of minutes until smooth.

Next, start pouring 100ml of hot boiling water and stir so it combines well.

Afterwards, divide the mixture into 2 lightly greased tins lined with some baking paper (I used 20cm springforms). Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes until a wooden skewer comes clean from the middle. Take them out, release the sides and let them cool down entirely.

Cream Cheese Oreo Filling

While the cakes are chilling, continue with The Filling. In a medium mixing bowl ease the butter and start adding the cream cheese. Mix until smooth for about 2 minutes on high speed.

Next, add icing sugar in 2 part and whisk until smooth. In the finale, stir in around 4 mashed Oreo cookies. Taste and set aside.


Once the cakes have been cooled down completely, remove the baking paper and start building a cake.

Put few Filling onto a plate and place the cake gently on top. If needed, cut off the excess of the cakes and always use the smoother part of the top.

½ of The Oreo Cream Cheese Filling on top, smoothen with a palette knife. Cover with the 2nd part of the cake and finish with the rest of The Filling. Cover the top and sides of the cake, put a nice thin layer all over the cake. Smoothen with cake smoothers and refrigerate for at least 1 hour, so the cake gets firm.

The Red Topping

In a steam bath melt white and milk chocolate (I used 50g + 50g). Gradually add cream and mix until you have a very smooth texture. Add ½ a teaspoon of the red gel and mix well until you get a desirable colour. Let it cool down for about 10 minutes before you apply it onto cake.

Pour The Red Topping over the cake and gently cover the sides and top. Let it drip down and thicken for about 10 more minutes. Afterwards, transfer the cake onto serving plate and refrigerate overnight until all flavour come together.

Next day
Final decoration

No limits to imagination. I covered the sides from more mashed Oreo cookies. I placed a couple of fondant red roses on the top and rolled up a little fondant heart as the base for the Ferdy the Ant figure. I used some small cutter for a fondant flower, which I decorated with sugar silver pearls.

Then, I added some small fresh yellow flowers and a leave of colourful Fall. In the end, I melted dark chocolate and poured it into a piping bag and I created small dots on top of the cake. Not rocket science, follow your heart and creativity.

Makes 10 serves.

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