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My famous savoury cake

savory cake
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There is always an alternative to the sweet tongue. Some of us prefer the savoury. The same applies for any happy occasions like parties, celebrations, gatherings with beloved ones. This is a true blast, you can modify it according to your preference. There are no limits to imagination – My famous savoury cake in the honour of my personal Queen who recently passed away.

This idea came up based on cucumber tea sandwiches. I’ve made it a couple of times till now, and the base is as per following: white and whole-grain toast bread, veggies, cheeses & meats of your choice. You have to think what the person whom you want to give it to is liking. Then, it’s easy.

You connect the layers with your favourite spreads: I’ve already tried a cream cheese spread, double cream with horseradish, Dijon mayonnaise, curry dip, garlic spread, etc. Let me inspire you!

Total time: 30-60 minutes preparation (depending on your techniques) + 30 minutes presentation.

savory cake


Cream cheese spread

Double cream with horseradish

Garlic spread


For 4 square layers:

18 white toast breads + 18 whole-grain toast breads

Place 9 white toast breads in the bottom and layer with cream cheese spread.

Next, put slices of ham and pickles on top and cover with 9 whole-grain toasts.
Layer with curry dip and cover with Rucola salad.

Then, cover with another 9 slices of whole-grain toast bread and layer with the curry dip. Place the slices of cherry tomatoes on the top and layer with the last 9 slices of white toast bread.
In the finale, cover the whole cake (top & sides) with cream cheese spread and sprinkle with a good amount of grated cheese.




Decorate as per mentioned above. Enjoy with a good lager or a glass of bubbly.

My remarks:
I also keep it clean and simple. It means 2 basic dips (I like to combine it with more blended cream cheese spread: 1 stronger taste + 1 blender).
Always make more of the dip you plan to cover the cake with.
Don’t fill the layers too much, it’s just for the taste. The beauty of decadence is on the top! This way it will be easy to cut and is just a little gentlier to your stomach.
Think about the structure and combination of colours & tastes first! The creation always starts in the mind.

Makes 1 large square of savoury cake.


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