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Raspberry, Orange and Lime Lemonade

Raspberry, Orange and Lime Lemonade
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Little sweet, sour and incredibly refreshing! This summer has a brand new meaning for me as I’ve been totally obsessed with lemonades and non alcoholic drinks. I like to try them in cafés, and mix up my own recipes accordingly. One of them is Raspberry, Orange and Lime Lemonade.

This lemonade is suitable for kids from the age of 2 because of possible citrus allergies. Ease on sugar and cheer with your little ones!

Total Time: 15 minutes + few hours to chill in the fridge

Raspberry, Orange and Lime Lemonade


100g frozen raspberries
Juice from 1 orange
Juice from 2 limes and 1 lemon
8 tablespoons of cane sugar
1 litre of cold water


In a hand blender place frozen raspberries, juice from orange, lemon and limes. Flavour up with cane sugar and mix.

Pour in 1 dcl of cold water and blend some more.

Afterwards, pour the mixture into a colander to remove the pulp and big pieces.

Mix the liquid with 1 litre of ice cold water. Add it in parts, so you choose when to stop. Everyone has a different limit for the right sweetness.

Refrigerate until serving in an airtight glass bottles. Cheers!

Makes 1 liter of fresh lemonade.


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