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Fresh Spinach with Parmesan Potato Mash

Fresh Spinach with Parmesan Potato Mash
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Green Thursday before Easter resembles the freshness of green vegetables. Therefore, I present Fresh Spinach with Parmesan Potato Mash.
Green Thursday, also known as Holy, Great or Maundy Day commemorates Last Supper of Jesus Christ with Apostles. In countries I come from, the tradition is to eat fresh green vegetables, especially spinach. I like the freshness of the product, therefore, I am not using cream or milk. Some people dissolve the spinach with a bit of cream to get creamier and more soupy texture. others enjoy it with Sunday eggs.
I serve it with potato mash and a little bit of a twist plus boiled eggs. Enjoy!This meal is suitable for kids from the age of 2, because of a possible egg white intolerance.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Fresh Spinach with Parmesan Potato Mash

Shopping List
The Spinach:
1 medium shallot, peeled and finely chopped
1 clove of garlic, crushed and finely chopped
A knob of butter
500g of fresh baby spinach, washed and drained
Sea salt and black pepper4 boiled eggs to your liking
Sea salt

Parmesan Potato Mash:
4 large potatoes, peeled, washed and diced
2 splashes of milk
2 knobs of butter
1 handful of Parmesan Cheese, grated
Sea salt


First, prepare the eggs and potatoes.
In two medium deep pans place a pinch of salt. Fill them up with hot boiling water and place the potatoes and eggs in.
Cook the potatoes on medium heat until they are nicely soft. Taste and taste. Season accordingly.
Cook the eggs on medium heat to your liking (I like them boiled two thirds of the way, little moist in the middle).Next, heat up a knob of butter in a medium frying pan on medium heat.

Fresh Spinach with Parmesan Potato Mash

Shallot in. Bake until it is nicely soft. Garlic and spinach in. Put the lid on and let it nicely work until the spinach is wilted out but still spinach, not a mash (depending on the amount for about 5 minutes). Season with salt and pepper. Done.

Place the potatoes in a serving bowl. Add a few milk, butter and Parmesan Cheese. Mash until you get a beautiful texture. Add milk or butter if needed. Taste and taste.

Fresh Spinach with Parmesan Potato Mash – serve with the eggs on the top.

Makes 2 serves.

Fresh Spinach with Parmesan Potato Mash

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