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The First Additions (5-12 months)

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Let’s start from the very beginning – The First Additions. The period can differ accordingly to a physical and mental development of a baby, of course.
This is a very crucial chapter in the life of every baby. I didn’t even think about posting it as it was, let’s be honest, extremely boring culinary wise. However, as with any other developmental change, it is a base for nutrition and meals which will follow up, later on.
Sometimes it is a big struggle, let me tell you. The only nutrition that my baby did so far, up to 4-5 months, was milk (formula or the natural one). Therefore, “crappy” food cannot be a blast, indeed. If you succeed, with a huge amount of patience and interaction, the reward will be very fulfilling. Your baby will start eating like a grown up. Moreover, he/she will become a true gourmand, like in my case.

The Carrot

There are so many advices on how to start the first additions. I believe the best is the juice from a carrot. I implemented few spoons in the afternoon, after sleeping, before serving a bottle of milk.
The carrot is full of vitamins, it is sweet and relatively tasty. I never used the middle green part. Young carrots don’t have it, but there isn’t always the season, right. Therefore, peel, wash and grate the carrot all over the middle part.
Next, press the carrot with a fork to release some juice. Start with 2-3 baby spoons served before afternoon’s milk. If it is working out, congratulations are in order. If it doesn’t, and your baby is fighting it, be patient. It usually takes around 2-3 days to adopt every new change (even when they get older).

The Apple

After the first addition, you can continue with the apple. Wash, peel and grate it on a glass apple grater. The very favourite one in my kitchen, at least for my baby’s first year. The grater is about 60 years old as my mom’s grandmother has been using it for my mom. Such treasures are really precious.
First, try the juice only. Of course, it doesn’t matter whether there is some pulp in it. Babies do not know how to swallow firm food yet. Therefore, it is better to start with the liquids.
After 2-3 days, start mixing the juice. The carrot with the apple. Then leave a little bit of pulp in it.

The Potato

After the implementation of liquids with some pulp within, you may continue with more firm food. A potato is very crucial for a baby’s nutrition and a very thankful vegetable for many lunches to follow.
However, the plain taste isn’t the greatest one. Therefore, try to mix it with a sweet juice from apple or carrot. Peel, wash, chop and cook in hot boiling water until soft.
Next, take few spoons out and mash it into a very smooth paste. Stir in a few teaspoons of apple juice. Serve lukewarm.

The Banana

A banana has been a must for my baby basically every day. The banana is not too liquid. That also gives you a small sign that you can start with more firm food.
My baby used to love it pressed, mixed with a grated apple. There are also these days when it is handy to make your baby more full. You can grate 1 biscotti, a kind of neutral biscuit in it. The more sweet you add, the more your baby will get used to sweets. Do not forget that fruits in general contain of sugar. Set up limits for this little tongue right from the little age.

The Avocado

Try to mix 2 slices of avocado with ½ a banana. Press it into a smooth paste and serve immediately.

The Egg Yolks

After 6 months, I started adding ½ of a cooked egg yolk, twice a week.
Note that some babies are more sensitive to egg white (like mine). Therefore, there is time for its implementation, sometimes until 2-3 years of age.
Firstly, cook the egg in hot boiling water for about 10 minutes. Then, peel, wash and take out the yolk. ½ of the yolk mix with a mash potato and serve lukewarm.

The Meat

Babies usually love any kind of meat, who doesn’t. I know many people. I have been a vegetarian for about 11 years. I used to tell myself, when it becomes unhealthy or once I am pregnant, I will start eating meat again.
I think that meat is extremely important in the first nutrition. I give it to my baby every 2-3 days. The healthiest is to start with a poultry. Chop a small piece of clean chicken fillet and cook it in a hot boiling water until done, for about 10-15 minutes (depending on size). Mash it with a potato and serve lukewarm.
I implemented lots of meat and fish, but here are my favourites: chicken, turkey or duck fillet, rabbit, pork loin, veal or some non fat beef. The red meat is enough to serve once a month.
My favourites of the fish are: salmon fillet, cod fish, mahi mahi, zander, pangasius or any kind of white fish, of course boneless (once a month it is enough, too).
My tip is to buy good quality fillet. Wash, clean and slice into 7-8 small pieces. Wrap it in a cling foil and cover it with a sandwich bag. Freeze it up to your convenience, whenever there is a meat day. In case of fish, I always use fresh ones.
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