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Pasta Recipes

pasta recipes

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It’s time to eat pasta, time to learn about the creative spirit of Italy. While the origins of pasta are unclear, stories of pasta making in Italy date back many centuries. The word pasta, and adaptations of it, is even older. Many civilizations had their own take on pasta, but the pasta as we know it is the Italian version.
A general misconception is that Marco Polo encountered this food in China and brought it back home. In his books he merely explains how he tasted Chinese noodles which were similar to ‘lagana.’ This statement shows us that Marco Polo was already aware of the existence of pasta-like food.

Classic Italian pasta

You will find pasta recipes all around the world, each shaped by the culture of that specific country. Some are gorged with tomato sauce and meatballs, others in which you bury your pasta beneath a mountain of cheese. You might be surprised with the Italian take to pasta. Pasta recipes are considered an outlet for the creativity of the chef. Lots of pasta recipes contain no more than 5 ingredients, but have a unique taste to them. They are served before or after the main course and are a means of showcasing homegrown Italian herbs and spices

Pasta is a healthy choice

Lots of people on diets steer clear of pasta, thinking the carbohydrates will rebuild those unwanted love handles. As with most foods, moderation is the key. Eat too much of it, and the food will turn against you. There are a number of tricks to make healthy pasta recipes.
Try a whole grain pasta instead of your regular pasta. They contain more fibers and proteins. Not only are they healthier by the gram, the fiber also gives you the sensation of being ‘full.’ This, of course, causes you to eat less. Next to that, the ingredients you use are vital. Use fresh vegetables, lean meat and try to skip on things like cream and cheese. So get out there and make yourself a delicious pasta.

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Check out my Pasta Recipes

Hokkaido Spaghetti

The best and best combination, inspired by a wonderful Austrian magazine – Hokkaido Spaghetti. This combination cannot get any better. The sweetness of Hokkaido and stunning taste of sage, accompanied by chili and Parma Ham. Yummy and yummy. And on top of all a wonderful Feta Cheese. Please you must try this! This is my Fall. Total Time: 20 minutes Shopping List The Roasted seeds as per in my Pumpkin Soup Recipe: Pumpkin Seeds, washed A splash of olive oil A pinch of sea salt, lemongrass, ground coriander and sweet paprika powder Hokkaido Sauce: 150g of champignons, peeled and sliced …
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Mascarpone Penne with Spinach

Mascarpone Penne with Spinach

Easy and luxurious one pot dinner – Mascarpone Penne with Spinach. Nothing gives me more joy than to please friends or family with some good amount of fresh and humble ingredients. I am not going to lie that this is an embarrassingly easy recipe that will feed everyone. The only thing you need to do in advance is to marinate the chicken. That brings the meal to a whole new level. Enjoy! Total Time: 25 minutes + chicken marinade for couple of hours ahead Shopping list The Chicken: 500g of good quality chicken filet, cleaned and diced 2 teaspoons of …
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