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Colorful Risotto with Herbs

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Very fresh and vibrant – Colorful Risotto with Herbs. No limits to imagination, just go to your favourite farmer once a week and take some goodies for your baby. The more colorful, the better: zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, aubergines, etc.
Occasionally, I sprinkle the risotto with a little bit of cheese. I don’t recommend to do it every time, just a little something special now and then. Enjoy!

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Total Time: 20 minutes

Shopping List

1 piece of chicken, cleaned
125ml of quality rice
1 medium green or yellow zucchini, washed, cleaned and diced
2 medium carrots, peeled, washed and chopped around the middle part as mentioned in The First Additions – Carrot
3 cherry tomatoes, washed
Fresh chives and hard cheese to finish (e.g. Gouda, Emmentaler, Old Amsterdam, Cheddar)


Firstly, pre-cook the chicken. Place it in a medium deep cooking pan. Cook in a hot boiling water for about 2-3 minutes until it gets nicely white. Next, add zucchini and carrots. Let it simmer on medium heat for about 5 more minutes.

Then, add rice and tomatoes. Stir in occasionally and cook until al dente.

By using a metal spoon, take out the chicken and 2-3 tablespoons of rice with vegetables. Place it into a hand blender with a splash of hot boiling stock water.

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Give it a stir of few seconds. You don’t need to mash it in a smooth paste, just to make a homogenous and full flavoured texture.

Finish with fresh chives and sprinkle with cheese.

The rest of the rice and vegetables cool down entirely, cover the pot with a lid and place in the fridge for the next day(s).

Makes 3 baby serves.

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