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Fresh Mint Lemonade

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Summer is here. Incredible effect of low-pressure and refreshing treat in one, wonderful during hot days – Fresh Mint Lemonade.
The best is to let it work in a fridge for a couple of hours. If you fancy you can, of course, add some alcoholic shot in it. I can imagine especially the gorgeous combination of white rum.

Mint Lemonade is suitable for kids 2 plus as an afternoon treat. Limit is the key. Cheers!

Total Time: 10 minutes + few hours chill in the fridge

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Shopping List

3 handfuls of fresh mint (you can also combine different kinds of this beautiful herb), washed
3 lemons, washed, peeled, cleaned and deseeded, chopped
200g of cane sugar/10 tablespoons of honey

Ice cubes to serve with


Place in a hand blender mint, lemon and sugar or honey.

Top it up with 2 dcl of ice cold water and blend for about 1 minute until smooth texture. Taste. It should be rather sweet. This is the base syrup you can work with furthermore.

By using a colander, gently pour the syrup into a large mixing bowl. This way you will remove all unnecessary lemon bits from the syrup, but still keep some refreshing mint bits within.

First, add ½ liter and taste. Continue until you like the taste. Someone likes sweeter, I like sweet sour. For the syrup I add approximately 1,5l of ice cold water.

Mold it into a clean glass bottles and close. Refrigerate for a couple of hours until serving. Serve in cocktail glasses with ice cubes.

Makes 2 one-liter bottles.

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