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Milky Serbian Rice

Milky Serbian Rice
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I got to be super honest here I am really not a big fan of milk and rice. Weird? Perhaps, and even though I did my research I have no clue why is this recipe called the “Serbian” rice. However, this is our old family recipe. As an honour to my grandma and her memories of cold winter days, after which she loved to enjoy something so yummy sweet and fulfilling at the same time – Milky Serbian Rice.

Although, there are just a few ingredients to process, the procedure is crucial for the final taste. Well cooked rice until soft in a warm milk, perfectly sweetened and whipped double cream and fresh strawberries sprinkled with some sweetened red jelly. Brilliant!

Milky Serbian Rice

Milky Serbian Rice is suitable for kids from the age of 3. Offer as a satisfying afternoon snack. Yummy!

Total Time: 45 minutes + few hours of chilling in the fridge

Shopping List

125g of good quality rice
250ml of warm milk
Olive oil
250ml of double cream
Few tablespoons of caster sugar
½ a package of red powder gelatine
50g of raw sugar
250g of fresh ripe strawberries, cleaned and washed


First, warm up the milk in a small deep pan up to a boiling point.

Next, stir in the rice and lower the heat to low. Cover with a lid and let the rice simmer until soft, for about 10-15 minutes depending on the type. Once the rice has been cooked enough, sprinkle it with some drops of olive oil and cover with a lid. Let it cool down.

Meanwhile, in a small metal bowl whip the cream with 2-3 tablespoons of caster sugar. Taste and continue until you get firm peaks. Set aside.

Prepare the red jelly as per package instructions. Dissolve ½ a package in a bit of water and flavour up with 50g of raw sugar. Stir on medium heat until is cooked and incorporated well. It takes about 2-3 minutes. Take off the heat, and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Check on it from time to time so it doesn’t thicken. In that case, bring it back on heat and dissolve it into a liquid texture once again.


When the rice has been cooled down, start adding the whipped cream. Gently mold and turn over with spatula, so you have a beautiful fluffy texture. Continue until all the whipped cream has been incorporated. Taste.

Take your serving glasses and start layering the beauty. First, a good layer of rice, smoothen with a spoon. Gently place slices of strawberries on top and continue once again (in case of larger dessert glasses): layer of rice and strawberries. Finish with the 3rd layer of whipped rice and strawberries on top. Sprinkle them generously with the jelly. It is not only tasty and healthy, but it also prevents from strawberries getting bad on the top. It simply stays good for longer.

Milky Serbian Rice

Continue with all the desserts and refrigerate for at least few hours, so the taste comes within. Enjoy!

Makes 4 serves.

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