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Satisfying Potato Gratin

potato gratin
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What’s not to love? So creamy and yummy at the same time, always accompanying some lovely fish, barbecue or just like that with green salads – Satisfying Potato Gratin.

The word gratin comes from the French word gratter, which means to scrape or grate. The word “gratiné”, therefore, means skinned or crusted. There are several techniques how to prepare this wonderful dish, and let me tell you, the method “au gratin” hasn’t been used in the Francophone world only. Yummy baked dishes have been presented in many countries: notably in the Balkan countries with vegetables, eggs, lots of cheese or meat dishes, of course. Thereafter, you have got many baked pastas representing Italy. I could continue on and on, however, the master of this spectacular potato dish: Gratin dauphinois has been originated in the Southeastern part of France.

My personal recommendation to serve it, among my recipes, are the beer pork ribs, beef short ribs, easy chicken casserole, baked salmon or green salad with avocado. Bon appetite!

potato gratin

Satisfying Potato Gratin is suitable for kids from the age of 3 as it is a little heavier meal and less healthier method. Offer with steamed or fresh veggies and piece of lean poultry.

Total Time: 1 hour

Shopping List

200ml of double cream
200ml of milk
3 cloves of garlic, crushed, peeled and quartered
Few leaves of fresh sage
A pinch of cayenne pepper, nutmeg and black pepper
800g of potatoes, cleaned, washed and sliced thinly
A knob of butter
1 teaspoon of Vegeta Spice Natur/sea salt
80g of Parmesan cheese (I used half and half with matured Gouda)


First, in a small deep pan warm up the cream and milk on medium heat. Add garlic, sage, cayenne pepper and nutmeg. Slowly bring it to boil and take off the heat. Let it cool down for a bit in a cold place.
Meanwhile clean and slice the potatoes. Place them in a butter greased tin (I used springform of 24cm, but you can also do with 25×35 rectangular baking tray). Note that you should layer the potatoes at least 4 times, therefore, the form needs to be deep enough to cover that.

potato gratin

potato gratin

Season each layer with salt and pepper. In half of the layers sprinkle generously the cheese. Then, layer with the rest of the potatoes, season once again and cover with the sifted milk mixture.

potato gratin

Sprinkle with cheese and bake in the oven for about 45 minutes until the potatoes are baked through and the gratin is a bit golden on top.

potato gratin

Serve warm immediately (you can refrigerate it once cooled down, of course).

Makes 4 serves.

potato gratin

potato gratin


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