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Smooth Squash Risotto

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A butternut squash has incredibly creamy texture, avocado like. Therefore, it is a very convenient product in kitchen as it is extremely healthy, sweet and rich in flavours. It is also one of the favourite first additions to a baby world. A stunning, smooth and creamy combination of chicken, risotto rice and thyme. The whole recipe is indeed very easy and fast – Enjoy Smooth Squash Risotto.

Total Time: 25 minutes

Shopping List

3 strips of good quality chicken filet, washed, cleaned (check out My First Additions Page on tips how to store the meat)
3 slices of ripe butternut squash (preferably thinner part), washed, peeled and diced
125g of quality risotto rice
1 small branch of fresh thyme
1 handful of matured cheese (I used Gouda)


First, throw the chicken into a small deep pan filled with hot boiling water.

Wait 1 minute until the meat whitens and add the squash. Cook for about 5 minutes until the squash gets a bit softer.

Next, add the rice and cook it until al dente. Stir occasionally.

Transfer the mix into a sieve and save little bit of the liquid.

In a hand blender place 1 strip of the chicken, with 2 tablespoons of the squash and 3 tablespoons of the rice. Pour in a bit of saved hot boiling water and sprinkle with fresh thyme. Give it one stir or two maximum, just to get more homogeneous texture, but beautifully crunchy.

Serve warm immediately. Sprinkle with a bit of cheese. Yummy!

Store the remaining rice and squash unblended and covered in the fridge for next day or two. The chicken should be air tightly covered in a cling foil and stored in the freezer.

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Makes 3 baby serves.

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