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My Strawberry Marmalade

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My Strawberry Marmalade – very favourite in my family, especially with pancakes. I can also recommend it with Easy Almond Croissants Recipe. I like to keep the pieces and make it thicker, just the way marmalade should be. High content of fruits and no additional liquid. I storage the extra liquid in the fridge for a lovely fresh strawberry syrup, very popular, too.

Strawberry Marmalade

Let’s start working.

Total Time: 1,5 hour + 12 hour sit of the strawberries


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Shopping List


4kg of ripe strawberries, washed and cleaned
700g of caster superfine sugar
½ of lemon

You can also mix caster sugar and gelling sugar 1:1, instead of lemon. It consists of pectin, however, you get gellier texture and assurance that marmalades do not go bad. I used to mix it: 1 layer of gelling sugar, 1 layer of caster superfine sugar.

9 clean small glass jars


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One day ahead

Evening before, prepare your strawberries. Mold them into the biggest pot you have. Two layers of strawberries in.
Sprinkle with a good amount of sugar. Continue until all strawberries are processed. I don’t use lots of sugar. Strawberries themselves are sweet enough. It is always easier to add some additional sugar than to remove the sweetness out of it.
Sprinkle with some extra sugar on the top and put the lid on. Place in a cold place (not in the fridge) to let them work overnight. I always put them in the trunk of my car.

Strawberry Marmalade

Next day

Strawberry Marmalade

In the morning, bring the strawberries in. Gently give them a good stir as there is quite some juice in the bottom.
Prepare another deep-frying pan. Pour around 3-4 large spoons of strawberries. Honestly, it goes much easier if you do them in smaller parts. You can also taste it better and season accordingly.
On medium heat, cook each of the portion for about 15-20 minutes.
After first 5-10 minutes, just when it is starting to bubble, add one teaspoon of juice from lemon (do not overdo it). If you work with gelling sugar, skip the lemon, of course.
Taste and taste. I didn’t add any additional sugar, but you can add some, if you don’t find it sweet enough.


The most important rule is patience.
Firstly, it melts, then it gets beautifully foamy on the top (you can already smell the magic) and then the foam reduces and marmalade thickens. This is the time to try the consistency. Put little bit of marmalade onto a plate. It cools down quickly, so you can check if the consistency is desired or not. If not, cook some more until you are satisfied.
If yes, by using a large spoon, fill up a small clean jar. Close it and place it upside down wrapped in a blanket until it cools down a bit. For this amount, you should get approximately 9 small jars (depending on the size). And now you can start enjoying or gifting them. Yummy.

Do not forget to save all the remaining juice. The syrup is a lovely base for many drinks or just like that. Get inspired!

Makes 9 jars.

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