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Party Cheesy Sticks

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Cheesy sticks are the most glamorous snack for any kind of event, even New Year’s Eve. Let me tell you, this dough is a joy to work with. It is not sticky and it doesn’t need to rest.

Another perfect way how to co-bake with your little ones. No limits to decoration: sesame, sunflower or poppy seeds, any kind of herbs or salt.

I like to serve them with Salsa Mexicana and Garlic Dip.

Note that Cheesy sticks are suitable for kids 2 plus because of a possible egg white intolerance and presence of milk. They are very satisfying as a baby snack in between the meals.

Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

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Shopping List

20g of fresh yeast
½ cup of lukewarm milk
1 teaspoon of caster sugar
250g of plain flour, sifted
150g of quality full-flavoured cheese (I used Cheddar)
125g of butter, soft
1 small egg for brushing, lightly whisked
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First, activate the yeast. Pour in the lukewarm milk into a coffee mug and sprinkle with yeast. Add 1 teaspoon of caster sugar and mix. Place it in a warm place (I love to use the warmth of my PC) and let it work for about 30 minutes until it bubbles and rises.

Next, place the flour, cheese and butter in a large mixing bowl. Add the yeast and knead the dough with hands until it becomes a smooth homogeneous mixture.

Add milk accordingly to texture. It is not always necessary.

Sieve your working surface with a bit of flour and roll out the dough to ½ cm with a roller. Cut the strips or shapes of your liking with a pastry cutter wheel.

Transfer all strips gently onto 2 baking trays lined with a baking paper. Brush them with the egg reduced with a bit of milk.
Decorate as per my ideas mentioned above. I used satureja and sunflower seeds for 1 tray, mix of Pizza Herbs for another one.

Bake in the oven for about 15-20 minutes until golden and baked through. Then, take the stick out and let them cool down a bit. Enjoy the party and serve with a glass of a sparkling wine!

Check out for My Salsa and Dip Tips.

Makes 2 baking trays.

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