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Royal Chicken Salad

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The second I saw this salad recipe I knew I had to try it. Figure it out for yourself: a cooked chicken, the sweetness of the dried fruit, the taste of Marsala wine, scrumptious spice and the sourness too. It is a beautifully refreshing treat. A chicken salad with an amazing colour, notably served to the Queen Elizabeth II. Choose for top products and snack with me – Royal Chicken Salad!

Total Time: 45 minutes

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Shopping List

1 large chicken breast, cleaned, drained and cut in chunks
A splash of olive oil
1 spring onion (white and green part), cleaned and finely chopped
100g of dried apricots, finely chopped
1/2 teaspoon of ground curry, Garam Masala and turmeric
1 bay leaf
1 heaped tablespoon of tomato purée
120ml of Marsala Wine
150ml of chicken broth
A splash of lemon juice
Sea salt and ground black pepper
1 teaspoon of caster sugar
3 tablespoons of good quality mayonnaise
2 tablespoons of Greek plain yoghurt

50g of almond flakes
8 slices of whole-wheat toast bread
Little Gem Lettuce, washed and drained

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First, prepare the chicken. Place the chicken in a small deep pan filled with salted hot boiling water and cook covered for about 10 minutes on medium heat until it is soft and white inside.
Then, let it cool down in a broth. Set aside for further processing.

In a medium frying pan roast the almond flakes on medium heat until they darkened a bit. Mold them into a small serving bowl and continue with the sauce.

Heat up the oil in the pan and add onion. Sautée for about 2-3 minutes until softens.

Next, apricots and all the spices in: curry, Garam Masala, turmeric and bay leaf. Smell it out and stir in the tomato purée.

Baste with Marsala Wine and reduce. Pour in the chicken broth and reduce once again.

Flavour up with some lemon juice, salt, pepper and sugar. Work the taste to a perfection. Then, take off the heat and let it cool down a bit.

Meanwhile shred the chicken into a medium serving bowl.

Once the sauce has cooled down, throw it over the chicken. Stir in the mayonnaise plus the yoghurt and give it a good stir. Taste.

Serve in a piece of cold salad leaf. You can also layer the toast bread with salad and glue the sides of a bread with roasted almonds. The Royal Chicken Salad will be tasty either way. The ideal pairing is a chilled dry white wine. Cheers!

Makes 4 serves.

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