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Russian Fruit and Quark Pancakes

Russian Fruit and Quark Pancakes
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The minute I saw this video from Alissa Timoshkina I had to treat myself to such a scrumptious breakfast. In Russian called блины (Blini), the sweet and stuffed version of Blintzes – Russian Fruit and Quark Pancakes. As former Tschechoslovakia is considered a part of the Eastern world, here we make the pancake recipe very similar. The base is twice as much milk as plain flour and the dough itself isn’t sweet at all. Therefore, you can use it in a savoury version too. The amount is up to and your number of eaters. A traditional quark filling is really to die for. It is fulfilling and even healthy. You may add an egg yolk and raisins, thereafter, bake in the oven, and it is even yummier.
These Fruit and Quark pancakes are suitable for kids from the age of 2, because of a possible egg white intolerance. The recipe isn’t too sweet. You can always add more sugar or sweet topping of your liking, but I like it exactly this way. Приятного аппетита!
Total Time: 30 minutes

Shopping List

The Quark Filling: 250ml of soft and creamy quark (You can combine Ricotta cheese with cream cheese instead) 100g of dried apricots, blended 1 package of vanilla sugarThe Batter: 200g of plain flour, sifted A pinch of sea salt 2 whole eggs 400ml of milk A splash of sunflower oil The Sauce: 1 tablespoon of cane sugar 3-4 ripe peaches, washed, cleaned and halved 2 knobs of butter A splash of honey A handful of hardly chopped walnuts


The Quark Filling

First, prepare the Quark Filling: in a small serving bowl mix quark with apricots and sugar until creamy. Taste and refrigerate until serving.

The Pancake Batter

Second, in a large mixing bowl place all the ingredients: flour, salt, egg and milk. Whisk on a medium speed until incorporated. Stir in a splash of oil and set aside. Use some fat (a knob of butter or a little bit of sunflower oil) to heat up in a medium frying pan on medium heat. Add 1 large soup spoon at a time and bake 1-2 minute from each side until nice and golden. The amount of batter depends on the size of your pan. They should be nicely thin, therefore, it takes very little time. Continue until there is no batter left. Done.

The Sauce

Heat up a large pan and sprinkle with 1 tablespoon of cane sugar. Let it caramelize for a bit and put halved peaches on top. Stir in the butter, a splash of honey and walnuts. Roast on a medium heat until nicely sticky and smelly.


Place all the Sauce in a serving bowl. Take each of the pancakes and place 1 tablespoon of The Quark Filling in the middle of it. Wrap like a wrap and continue with the rest of them. So prepared pancakes roast from both sides in a pan from The Sauce. Thereafter, serve 2 pancakes with a generous amount of The Sauce. Makes 5 serves.

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