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Easy Vanilla Custard

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Does your baby like porridge as much as mine? Except those days, when I do not follow our strict routine, my baby eats porridge or rice milk mix every single day. Here, I present you a great tip how to create your own fast mix dessert – Easy Vanilla Custard.This is also a perfect tip how to use up leftover egg whites. It happens all the time that the recipes include yolks only. This custard recipe takes 10 minutes max, and you have 3 comforting desserts. Trust me, not only babies will be happy, grown ups like these treats just as much.

Note that Easy Vanilla Custard is suitable for kids 3+ because of the milk and egg white intolerance.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Shopping List

250ml of milk
25ml of single cream
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
2 egg whites
15g of caster superfine sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla pudding mix (you can also change the flavor of cocoa, caramel, etc.)


Heat up the stove to a medium heat. Pour in the milk into a small deep pan.
Add the extract and single cream. Warm it up to a boiling point. Meanwhile, place the egg whites, sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla pudding mix into a small mixing bowl. Whisk on low speed until processed, then, increase the speed to the highest. Continue until you get snow peaks.

Once the milk has been warmed up, take off the heat.
Constantly whisk the egg mixture with a balloon whisk and mold the milk mixture into it slowly.
Once all is incorporated well, transfer the mix back into the pan.

Bring it to boil and do not forget to mix. Continue until it thickens, for about 2 more minutes.
Take off the heat and let it cool down. Serve warm or cold.

It is delicious just like that, but you can always add some marmalade, chocolate, marshmallows or nuts. No limits to imagination. Yummy!

Makes 3 baby serves.


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