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Cheese and Sausage Casserole Dish

bulgarian casserole
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Bulgarian Gyuveche (Гювече) is another traditional Cheese and Sausage Casserole Dish prepared in ceramic bowls straight from the oven. You can make it more veggie, meaty, fishy or cheesy, there are no limits to imagination. The longer you bake, the better the flavour of the Gyuveche is. Full and rich taste, which makes it a perfect dinner for cold winter days. The whole preparation takes only 15 minutes and it is delicious indeed. Добър апетит!

Total Time: 15 minutes + 40 minutes in the oven

Shopping List

2 medium good quality sausages, sliced
2 cherry tomatoes, diced
1 medium shallot, peeled and sliced
1 handful of Feta Cheese
1 handful of yellow cheese (Bulgarian Kashkaval, Eidam, Ementaler, etc.), chopped in cubes
1 square of creamy cheese
2 teaspoons of ljutenica (tomato purée optional)
4 whole eggs
1 teaspoon of satureja
Olive oil


Preheat the oven to 160 degrees.

Grease the bottoms of 2 bowls with the olive oil. Start layering.

Place the sausage in the bottom.

Then, create the second layer of cheeses (Feta, yellow cheese, creamy cheese). On the other half of the bowl place tomato, onion and ljutenica.


Place the bowls in the oven and bake for at least a half an hour. If you prefer your eggs softer, pour them over the top just few minutes before you take it out. The time is up to you. My tip is to bake the cheese at least for 30 minutes, so the taste comes within and brings the gyuveche to a stunning level of taste.

Great with sour sweet pickles and fresh bread.

Makes 2 serves.


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