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Nutty Pancakes with Glazed Fruity Relish

pancakes with nutty filling
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The world’s classic with a twist – Nutty Pancakes with Glazed Fruity Relish.The tradition of the Nutty Pancakes comes from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Even before that in the Kingdom of Géza’s (1141–1162) the dessert was so popular that it had been served during special occasions like weddings, for instance.

There are many variations of the fillings and toppings. My personal tip is Feta Cheese and homemade marmalade. So yummy.

Nutty Pancakes with Glazed Fruity Relish are indeed very special. The richness of the nutty filling is beautifully underlying the freshness of the fruits. I like to serve it with any kind of fruits, especially oranges. Jó étvágyat!

Pancakes are suitable for kids from the age of 2, because of a possible egg white intolerance. Preferably offer them with fresh fruits or homemade marmalades.

Total Time: 45 minutes

Shopping List

The Batter:
300ml of milk
2 whole eggs
200g of plain flour, sifted
A pinch of sea salt
A splash of olive oil + for baking

The Nutty Filling:
120ml of milk
80g of ground walnuts
2 tablespoons of caster superfine sugar
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
A knob of butter
2 tablespoons of dried raisins, soaked in water

Glazed Fruity Relish:
1 orange/2 nectarines or any favourable fresh fruits, washed, peeled and diced
1 tablespoon of cane sugar
A knob of butter, cold


The Pancake Batter

Whisk the eggs in milk and stir in the flour with a pinch of salt.
Mix it well until smooth texture. Add splash of oil and set aside.

The Nutty Filling

In a small deep pot heat up the milk on medium heat.
Add walnuts, sugar and cinnamon. Mix until the filling thickens to a smooth texture. Not too thick, neither too liquid.
Take off the heat and stir in the raisins with butter. Taste.

Glazed Fruity Relish

Heat up the cane sugar in a frying hot pan on high heat.
Before it starts caramelization stir in the butter and fruits with all its juice.
Stir on medium heat until it becomes a smooth and sticky texture.


Heat up a non sticking frying pan on high heat and add a bit of olive oil.
Pour in 1 large spoon of the batter and bake until you see bubbles on top.
Next, flip pancake over and continue until both sides are golden. Continue until you have no batter left.

Fill in The Pancakes with the warm Nutty Filling and fold. Spread with the aromatic Glazed Fruity Relish.

Makes 4 serves.

pancakes with nutty filling

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