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Refreshing Lady Bubbles

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I think the title speaks really for itself. In the region I currently live, there is the season from the end of April to October, when any kind of Spritz is served. The more flavours and inventions, the better. Of course, the drink is delicious for elderly, for men, for teenagers, because it isn’t very strong and it looks so pretty, I call it Refreshing Lady Bubbles.

As I’ve already mentioned in my Friday’s Nachos post, I really love sparkling wine, especially on Fridays. The region I am settled in is full of Prosecco. Therefore, this must be my hero, too. Saluti!

Total Time: 10 minutes

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Shopping List

1 shot of homemade strawberry syrup
1 cup of extra dry Prosecco
A splash of sparkling mineral water
5 ice cubes
1 handful of fresh mint leaves, washed

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Refreshing Lady Bubbles Strawberries

Place the strawberry syrup into the shaker. Top up with Prosecco, a splash of sparkling mineral water, ice cubes and shake it a bit.

Throw the mint into a serving glass and pour in the drink. Enjoy immediately!

Makes 1 drink.

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