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Seasonal Baby Fruit Treats

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In this chapter, I am going to present you Seasonal Baby Fruit Treats. Starting in a high summer season with Refreshing Strawberry Sorbet.

Basically, you can try to make the following recipes with any seasonal fruits of your liking. For example, babies love ice cream. Therefore, why not to freeze them something authentic and healthy. These are incredibly easy recipes and my baby loves them all. She loves them in every stage of their procedure.

Refreshing Strawberry Sorbet

Total Time: 4 hours

Shopping List:

400g of ripe strawberries, washed, cleaned and diced
Vanilla sugar and lemon to season


Place all strawberries into a hand blender and blend until nicely smooth. Taste and season accordingly with a spoon of vanilla sugar or splash of lemon juice. To be honest, I used pure strawberries only. Once they are ripe enough and tasty, there isn’t need to add any extras. However, it is not always the case, of course.

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Mold the mix into a box and a place in the freezer for about 3-4 hours. After 1 hour, mix with a metal spoon. Repeat after another hour, so the texture will be even smoother in the finale.
Before serving, take it out and let it ease for a bit. Serve in a cup.

Makes 6 serves.

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Easy Fruit Skewers

Outside of the summer season, you can impress your baby with Easy Fruit Skewers. The only thing you need is fresh seasonal fruits, skewers and Christmas forms to create little shapes. Feel free to include your baby. It is fun food, after all.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Shopping List

1 ripe apple, washed, peeled and sliced
Bunch of red grapes, washed and halved
10 ripe strawberries, washed, cleaned and sliced


For instance, take a shape of little hearts and larger stars. Create firm shapes from the apple and place bigger ones on a skewer. Combine with halved grapes and slices of strawberries. Eat it immediately, so the fruits won’t darken.
It is incredibly easy, I know. However, let me tell you, my baby has preffered those above her fancy birthday cake. Fortunately, she still does.

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Refreshing Fresh Juices

Especially in colder months, there is always urgue for some extra Vitamin C. Therefore, I treat my baby every brunch with fresh orange juice.
Wash, halve and squeeze the juice out. Place in a cup and weaken with lukewarm water 2:1 (water to orange juice). It is about the vitamins and liquids in the first place. Therefore, pure orange juice is quite strong, especially for smaller babies.

The importance of liquids is very crucial from a little age. Do not overcomplicate it. Serve healthy, fresh and pure. If any of this isn’t offered – a humble glass of lukewarm water. All days long, just as you do for yourself.
The more diversity you offer, the more boring water will be. Therefore, juices are nice additions, once a day, but not all day liquids. That applies to teas and soups as well.

Get inspired with juices in my Recipe Funky Fruit Popsicles. You can, for instance, blend a nice piece of melon. My favourites are cantaloupes or muskmelons. They are extremely waterish and refreshing, especially in summer.

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