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Valentine recipes you find on Culinary Talks: success guaranteed

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Valentine Recipes for this beautiful day, the celebration of Saint Valentine, is almost upon us. Every year on the 14th of February, it’s time to show your loved one your affection. Reportedly, this day is to commemorate Saint Valentine, the 3rd century Roman priest whose life is clouded in mystery.

A famous legend says he cured a young girl of her blindness. On the day of his execution he sent her a card with the words: “From your Valentine.” Just by touching the card, the girl regained her vision. Later on, in the 14th Century, Geoffrey Chaucer romanticised this legend and the foundations for the modern Valentine’s day were laid.

Valentine recipes

Spice it up with Valentine recipes

Love goes through the stomach, so what better way to celebrate Valentine’s day than with a romantic meal. It can be as simple as breakfast in bed or a brunch for the two of you. Most people choose to have a special dinner on this day.

There are a lot of ways to transform ordinary recipes into something fit for Valentine’s day. Create heart-shaped appetizers, use bright colors in your dishes and most importantly: cook from the heart. Keep this in mind and you really can’t go wrong.

Add a twist to your Valentine’s day recipes

Have you always wanted to experience the way the rest of the world celebrates Valentine’s day? Cleanse your thirst with a cup of Egyptian white coffee. It’s a mix of boiled water and rose-water. Decorate the saucer with rose petals and voilà.

For dinner you could try a Sexy Rib Eye Steak with Warm Potatoes or Romantic Almond Trout with Cranberries.

A Valentine’s Honey Cake makes a great dessert. Of course, many more mouth-watering recipes are available for you. Seek for something of your liking and treat your loved one to an unforgettable day.

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