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Dear Peach Tiramisu

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Tiramisu – the royalty of desserts, originated in my favourite Veneto region in Italy. My boyfriend and me, we decided to live very close to this region. Therefore, as an honor to my Valentine’s Menu 2017 – Dear Peach Tiramisu.

Traditionally, Tiramisu has been made from ladyfingers, served at the court of Duchy of Savoy, The Northern Italian State from the 15th – 19th century.

My Tiramisu is a true love symbiosis between Italian Savoiardi, Mascarpone Cheese, fresh peaches and Spanish very famous Brandy de Jerez. This decadent brandy is produced only in Andalucian region. It has a very lovely and smooth taste, ideal for pairing desserts.

My Dear Peach Tiramisu is eggless because I simply was in the mood to do without. Try it for yourself and enjoy this piece of heaven.

Total Time: 1 hour

Shopping List

Flavoured Ladyfingers:
500ml of good quality lukewarm coffee (around 5 teaspoons of instant coffee)
1 teaspoon of caster superfine sugar
50ml of Brandy de Jerez (or any kind of good quality Brandy or Liqueur of your liking)
40 pieces of Savoiardi

The Cream:
500g of good quality Mascarpone Cheese
250g of plain curd
Vanilla sugar
250ml of double cream, whipped into peaks

4-5 ripe peaches, washed, peeled and sliced
Cocoa Powder to finish


Flavoured Ladyfingers

In a medium mixing bowl pour in the coffee and 500ml of hot boiling water. Season with little bit of sugar and good splash of brandy. Set aside and let it cool down a bit.

Peach Tiramisu

Once the mixture is lukewarm, dip Savoiardi nicely in it. Don’t let them soak entirely, just for the taste. Continue with 20 of them and place them next to each other in a serving dish (I used 30x35cm).

Peach Tiramisu

Place peaches on the Savoiardi.

Peach Tiramisu

The Cream

Place the Mascarpone Cheese in another large mixing bowl. Start whisking on low-speed until you get a nice fluffy texture.
Stir in sugar and curd. Continue whisking on low-speed until well processed.
Next, increase the speed to the highest and continue until the sugar is dissolved completely.

Peach Tiramisu

By using a spatula, gently stir in the whipped cream, flavoured with vanilla sugar. Mold one-third of the whipped cream at a time. Continue until all of the cream is incorporated.


Mold half of The Cream onto the peaches and continue the same procedure.

Peach Tiramisu

Soak Flavoured Ladyfingers, layer them with peaches and The Cream on the top. Cover with the cling foil and refrigerate until the next day.

Before serving, sprinkle with some cocoa powder and serve with lots of love. My tip is to enjoy it with my Peach Sorbet on the side. Yummy!

Makes 8 serves.

Peach Tiramisu


Peach Tiramisu


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